Nonsense about the Jews

Plans for Jewish World Domination

It is truly amazing that a man as brilliant as Henry Ford would believe Russian propaganda. But that is exactly what the "THE PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION" is.

In 1905, professor Sergyei Nilus, an official of the Dept. of Foreign Religions at Moscow, published a book containing what was purported to be THE PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. These Protocols are said to give the substance of addresses delivered in Switzerland in 1897 to the innermost circle of the rulers of International Jewry. They are said to reveal the secret plan for world domination as concocted by the Jewish Nation for centuries, as developed through the ages and edited by their Elders up to that date.

There has never been any evidence of the existence of this supposed meeting. The book is Russian propaganda at it's very best. A total fake! It is also completely boring to read!

If the Jews really controlled the world, how did Hitler get into power and why didn't they force America into the war earlier? As everyone knows, America only entered the Second World War when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

If the Jews controlled American politics, why were Jewish refugees fleeing from Nazi-Germany turned back at American docks? Another well documented historical FACT.

Here is a light-hearted look at the truth

Mel Gibson's Father Convinces Jews to Give Up World Control   

by Dan Barash (copyright)
01 Apr 2004
Bowing to intense pressure from Mel Gibson's father, Jews announced today  that they would no longer control the world. 
In a press release, Jews stated, "Although we have thoroughly enjoyed the  challenges of world domination for the last 3,000 years, we feel it's time for  gentiles to take control of their own affairs. We plan to spend more time with  our families and pursue other interests."
 Hutton Gibson stated he was pleased with the announcement, but expressed  concern he was losing a scapegoat for all of his problems. He said he would be  launching a search for a new minority group to demonize.
 Many Jews expressed relief that they could give up burdensome  responsibilities. Retired accountant Jerry Friedman, who controls all media in Montana, said,  "I would just as well let the citizens of Montana manage their own TV and  newspapers. Don't get me wrong; Montana is a fine state. But it gets awfully  cold, and there's nowhere to get a good bagel."
Attorney Allen Franks said he's glad he no longer has to manage Bulgarian  monetary policy. "It was getting to be quite a hassle," he said. "I already have  a full time job and can't even balance my own checkbook, let alone control the  finances of an entire nation."
Homemaker Judith Levine said she would "...miss the hustle and bustle of  setting the international price for magnesium every day. But my son is about to be  Bar Mitzvah'd, and oy! Such a party we're gonna have you wouldn't believe!"
Hollywood producer Sidney Greenbaum was pessimistic about the announcement.  "Do you really think goyim know how to make movies?" he asked. "They'll all end  up being high budget, Technicolor snuff flicks if you leave things up to Mel  and his kind."
Comedy experts expressed concern that the business would suffer if Jews  suddenly withdrew. According to one insider, "Take away all the Jewish comics and  writers, and all you have left is Carrot Top. That's not a world I want to live  in."

Jewish Control of the Media

It is certainly true that some Jews are talented and imaginative. And some Jews have made successful careers in the entertainment business. But there are hundreds of equally talented and equally successful non-Jews in the entertainment business too. For every William Shatner, there is a Sean Connery.

If people didn't like their movies they wouldn't spend their money going to see them. Since when has being hard working and talented been a crime in this country?

Jewish Control of the Banks

The biggest banks in the world are:
1 HSBC Holdings - London, Britain
2 Chase Manhattan Corp - New York, US
3 Crèdit Agricole Groupe - Paris France
4 Citicorp - New York, US
5 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi - Tokyo, Japan

All publicly owned, not Jewish controlled.

Jewish "terrorism" in the Middle East

Perhaps I've been reading the wrong newspapers. But I just can't remember incidents of Israelis strapping bombs on themselves and climbing on Arab school buses.

It is true that sometimes Israeli soldiers have accidentally hit school children while aiming at terrorists, but this has never been their prime target.

There are hundreds of thousands of Arab Israeli citizens, who have the VOTE in Israel. Sadly Arabs do NOT have the vote in many Arab countries. Including our great "ally" Saudi Arabia.


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