How to Help

Our goal is to make this website the number one listed site on  Internet
Search Engines, and a favored destination and resource for educational
information,relative to the topics and issues contained in this web site/library.

Please help by:

Linking to this site from your web site.

Telling your friends and those on your e-mail distribution list about it and
to please use it and in turn distribute it to others.

Creating a 'blog' or web log to this page.

To do this, go to and follow the instructions. Your blog should link to this site and should have words like Jew, Jews, Jewish and Judaism in your text.

If you use the Google toolbar you can directly blog the site by clicking .
Also by clicking Options, then More, then  select the  yellow smiley face to go on your toolbar.
You can then VOTE for this site.

We wish to make it clear that we are not anti any religious group or belief system
that can respectfully coexist with  others.

We are however anti-racism, anti-hate and anti-terrorism in all forms regardless
of whom it may be directed against.


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